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vendor table orders

You can now safely order your tables online throug PayPal.

To place your on-line table order for the February 24-25, 2018 Jamboree and train show

to print a vendor table order form and guidelines that can be mailed with your payment.

Guidelines for Table Sales

Vendor sales tables/spaces are 8' x 30" or 6’ x 30” and are sold on a first PAID basis.
Full payment is required to reserve a table/space.
Your application, with payment, signifies that you agree with SAMRA, Inc. Train Show vendor guidelines.
Your canceled check or your electronic order receipt is your confirmation of reservation.
Only railroad related items are to be displayed and sold.
Please complete the table application to identify the type of items you will be selling.
SAMRA, Inc. staff reserves the right of approval for all items offered for sale.
Electricity is only available to tables along walls. There is no charge for electricity.
Vendors must supply their electrical cords, power outlet strips, and tape for covering loose cords.
SAMRA, Inc will not provide any additional electrical needs.
We will do our utmost to place you in the location desired (wall, end cap [requires three tables minimum], near operating layout, electrical location, specific shape, etc.).
We must know your wants at least one month before the show date, since tables are assigned on a first-paid first-choice basis.

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Refund Policy.

Refunds for orders placed electronicaly are subject to the following policy:

All cancellations are subject to a 10% cancellation fee with a minimum fee 0f $5.00.
Cancellations received after January 31 will only be refunded IF TABLES CAN BE RESOLD, less the 10% or minimum cancellation fee.

Refunds for orders placed by personal check are subject to policy as listed on the order form.

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